The Importance Of Mouthguards

The Importance Of Mouthguards

Most sports have the chance of contact, and with contact can come dental damage. This damage can be debilitating, difficult to treat, and often cannot completely be repaired. That is why Innovative Dental stands with the Australian Dental Association and Sports Medicine Australia in believing that mouthguards are not an optional part of sports gear, rather they are one of the most important pieces of sports gear, and should always be used.

We oftentimes think of mouthguards as a necessity for hard contact sports including rugby league, rugby union, boxing, MMA, hockey and AFL. But the truth is all sports, even those that are supposedly non-contact, carry a real risk of strikes, collisions, and impacts


Why You Need to Wear Mouthguards

If you have an active lifestyle, safety should be one of your top priorities. Mouthguards are one among the most important protective gear you can use as they protect your teeth from possible damage caused by accidents and injuries.

Mouthguards are a highly recommended safety measure for any person participating in sports. This is because participating in any physical activity can involve a risk of contact to the mouth and face.

Before you decide on what mouthguard you should use, you should be aware of the options available as this will help you make the right decision before engaging in sports.