Tooth Implant Airport West

At Innovative Dental we offer some of the top dental implants in Airport West. Dental implants are a common and effective way to replace missing teeth to help the functionality and the look of your smile.

What does a dental implant procedure do?

A dental implant is a small operation, where a gap in your teeth is replaced with a tooth implant. A dental implant is set into the jawbone to ensure that the missing tooth stays firmly in the mouth. Unlike dentures, which can be easily removed, dental plants are a permanent operation.  

What are dental implants?

A dental implant is a piece of titanium metal, which is placed into the jawbone where the missing tooth roots were. A fake tooth, or crown, is attached to the dental plant to help to fill the gap in your teeth. The artificial tooth will be matched to your natural teeth, so full discretion is guaranteed.

When might a dental plant be needed?

If you have one or more missing teeth, you could be eligible for a dental implant. Missing teeth can be caused by a range of factors and is actually one of the most common dental issues in the world.  At Innovative Dental, we promise top customer satisfaction, and we will work together with you for your entire treatment.

Your Dental Implant Clinic in Airport West

The team at Innovative Dental has more than 30+ years of experience, and we always offer the highest level of customer satisfaction from our holistic and hands-on approach to dentistry.

With proper care and regular check-ups, your dental implants can last a lifetime and are the best long-term option for missing teeth.

A simple consultation will determine what type of treatment you may need for your teeth, and we will tailor-make a program just for you.