Root Canal Treatment

If you’re experiencing the pain and discomfort of an infected tooth, you’ll be relived to know that advancements in dental technology mean that a root canal is no longer the difficult, painful procedure that it used to be.

At Innovative Dental, Dr. Naser Eshak utilises his many years of dental expertise to save teeth from decay and eventual extraction with the most modern and conservative root canal treatments, including the latest technology for the ultimate in patient comfort and safety.

Do I have a tooth infection?

Symptoms of an infected tooth include pain when you bite or chew food, a continual toothache, and swelling and redness around the gum. You might also experience a bad taste in your mouth, or persistent bad breath.

If you think you may have a tooth infection, we urge you to visit Innovative Dental as soon as possible to stop the infection from spreading and increase the likelihood of saving your tooth.

What is a root canal treatment?

A root canal treatment is a very effective way of clearing up infections in the teeth and preventing them from spreading further and causing you additional pain. A root canal can save teeth and allow them to be fully restored with either a crown or filling.

The process for a root canal treatment is very straightforward, and not much different from a filling. After a careful examination, Dr. Eshak will numb the tooth in order to fully clean out and disinfect the pulp and root canal, using the most modern technology for the best patient experience.

As teeth can survive perfectly well without pulp, the final step is to repair the tooth with a filling or completely cover it with a crown. Ultimately, you’ll be left with a perfectly healthy tooth, and you’ll be totally pain-free.

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