Dental Implants


What is a dental implant?

A dental implant is simply a small screw fitted into a gap between your existing teeth. This post not only provides a solid foundation for a natural-looking crown, but also promotes the structural integrity of surrounding teeth.

At Innovative Dental, we recommend dental implants for their functional and aesthetic benefits. With a quality implant and crown, your smile and your ability to bite and chew can be perfectly restored.

What is the process of fitting a dental implant?

A dental implant can be completed by our skilful Innovative Dental team within an hour. This simple operation has a host of dental health benefits for your whole mouth and jaw as eventually, the jawbone will grow around the screw and naturally hold the implant in place.

Additionally, multiple implants can also be used in conjunction with a dental bridge for rebuilding an entire arch of teeth. Our experienced Innovative Dental team are able to create full, natural-looking bridges for those with multiple missing teeth, restoring the entire look and feel of your smile.

Who can get a dental implant?

At Innovative Dental, we find that many patients are great candidates for either singular or multiple dental implants. Through extensive discussion about your needs, desires, and budgets, we’re able to create a personalised plan for the ultimate in smile restoration.

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