Dentist Niddrie

When the time comes to visit the dentist, Niddrie residents know to book an appointment with the staff at Innovative Dental.

Our clinic has been a leading provider of local dental treatments for years, with our professional and friendly staff working tirelessly to provide patients of all ages with the care their smile needs.

We offer a number of treatment plans in both general and cosmetic dentistry, making us the clinic to visit whether you need an annual check-up or a specialised procedure.

At Innovative Dental we also provide free emergency dental exams, including one x-ray, to all patients (even those without health insurance), allowing our staff to assess what future treatments may be needed.


A Sought-After Dental Clinic for Niddrie Locals

Innovative Dental is the dental clinic that Niddrie residents call on when they want quality care and treatment for a range of oral health issues.

Our staff are passionate bringing the shine back to the smile of each patient, all in a space that is welcoming, calm and relaxed. Our clinic is led by Dr. Naser Eshak, who is always looking to stay up-to-date with the newest and best advancements in dental practice and technique to ensure that our patients receive the highest standard of care available.

We also advise patients on the benefits of preventative dentistry, and educate them on the small changes they can make at home to help keep their teeth and gums healthy and happy.

 Qualified Root Canal Treatments and Services in Orthodontics and Periodontics Suitable for all Niddrie Patients

Thanks to Innovative Dental’s skilled and experienced dentist, Niddrie patients can find the treatments and care they need to make nagging tooth and gum pain a thing of the past, straighten their smile or replace missing or damaged teeth.

We provide our patients with everything from routine tooth cleaning treatments and general check-ups, as well as fittings and care for dental implants and discreet aligners, as well as straightforward and stress-free endodontic (root canal) procedures.

To learn more about our services in orthodontics and periodontics, or to book an initial consultation at our trusted dental clinic, Niddrie patients simply have to call 03 9346 8333.