Dentist Westmeadows

For leading treatments from a qualified staff and a respected dentist, Westmeadows patients know to visit Innovative Dental.


We have been providing quality dental care to patients of all ages for more than a decade, helping them to maintain a happier and healthier smile and a better standard of oral health.

Our staff offer a wide range of treatments across both general and cosmetic dentistry, tailoring all services to suit the specific needs and issues faced by each patient.

We also offer a free emergency dental exam, with one x-ray, to all patients (including those without health insurance). We have times allocated each day for these appointments, with each exam helping our staff to determine what, if any, further treatments might be required.


A Sought-After Dental Clinic for Westmeadows Locals

Whether they’re overdue for a check-up, or need to book a family member in for their first visit, Westmeadows patients can’t go wrong with Innovative Dental.


Our friendly and passionate staff are led by Dr. Naser Eshak, a qualified dental care expert with more than thirty years of experience to his name. Dr. Eshak also works hard to ensure that Innovative Dental is implementing the latest advancements in dental practices and techniques, meaning that our patients always receive unparalleled care.

To learn more about our dental clinic, Westmeadows patients simply have to give us a call today.


Qualified Root Canal Treatments and Services in Orthodontics and Periodontics Suitable for all Westmeadows Patients

In need of a specialist dental implant fitting, or a clear aligner for your crooked teeth? Maybe you’re looking for a stress-free endodontic (or root canal) procedure? No matter what dental care plans you need to keep your smile shining, you can be confident you’ll find it here at Innovative Dental.


In addition to our in-clinic treatments, our staff also help to educate patients on the advantages of preventative dentistry, and the small changes that can be made at home to maintain their overall oral health and wellbeing.

So when they want to speak with our qualified staff about available services in periodontics or orthodontics, Westmeadows patients just have to call our clinic on 03 9346 8333.