Don’t let December Damage your Dental Bliss

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Don’t let December Damage your Dental Bliss
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Dental health can take a beating during the holidays. Stress, time constraints, unhealthy sweets and alcohol, and the temptation to relax your rules and discipline all conspire to damage your teeth and gums.

At Innovative Dental we know what December can do to your oral health. We have some tips to help you rise above those dental dangers, or at least to not fail as badly as you might.

  1. Sweets and alcohol are a dangerous combination for your oral health. The holiday season is notorious for bringing those items into your path. Sugars feed bacteria and alcohol exacerbates unhealthy oral conditions that increase risks of tooth damage and gum disease. Keep that in mind as the month goes by.
  2. Keep your home care habits strong by not neglecting flossing once and brushing twice a day. Keep a portable tooth cleaning kit of a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss with you for after snacks and meals when you’re out. Continue to work out to help deal with added stress. Rinse your mouth out with water often to help protect teeth from extra snacking.
  3. Spread healthy dental habits to the children in your life by encouraging them to brush properly and regularly. Help them to form life-long healthy habits around oral health. Remember that the elderly in your life may have home care problems, but be reluctant to ask for help. Make an early January dentist visit a tradition in your family.

Small problems in January can become big problems in March. So get your new year off to a healthy start by having your family members get a cleaning and examination early in January.

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