You can contact us at innovative Dental Ascot Vale if you are experiencing a dental emergency. Whether you’re an existing patient or not, we will make sure that you get treatment for your dental emergency in a timely matter.  

We offer a same day dental emergency guarantee, so make sure you give us a call for immediate attention.

You may require emergency assistance if you experience any of the following:

  • Severe and persistent toothache
  • Bleeding of the mouth and gums
  • Cracked or Chipped Teeth
  • You lose a tooth
  • Abscesses
  • Losing a crown or filling
  • Numbness in the gums, face or jaw
  • Swelling of the jaw, face or gums

All of these signs may indicate infection or injury. If left unattended the issues could deteriorate. As a rule of thumb, for any teeth, mouth, or gum related issues, it may be a good idea to contact your dental professional.

If your symptoms are severe you may need to visit the emergency room. Injury to the jaw, including fractures and dislocation, as well as serious cuts, injury or lacerations to the face and mask, please seek emergency medical assistance. You know yourself best, if in doubt, call us for assistance.

If you do visit the emergency room, please make a follow up appointment with your dentist for a routine check-up.

However, most dental problems aren’t urgent, and you can usually wait until your scheduled dentist appointment to discuss any concerns with your dentist. Occasionally more serious issues can arise. Dental emergencies can happen to anyone, at any time. If you’re unsure whether your situation requires emergency dental, it might be good to get in touch anyway for a professional opinion.

At Innovative Dental Ascot Vale, we offer a FREE dental emergency exam including one x-ray for anyone without health insurance.