How to care for your teeth during holidays

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How to care for your teeth during holidays
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How to care for your teeth during holidays

The holiday time is one that’s often celebrated with lots of sweet treats and beverages; from cookies and cakes to alcohol and fatty delicious foods- it’s the time of the year where we all look forward to some relaxing and luxury.

However, amid all the fun and excitement, it can be easy to get carried away and lose focus on your health!

In an “Oral Care During the Holidays” survey conducted by DentaVox 54% of the participants responded saying that they had forgotten about healthy eating during the holidays.

One in three participants noted that they believed that the festive season takes its toll on taking proper care of one’s teeth, which was supported by 25% of the participants admitting to skipping or neglecting oral hygiene routines during the holidays.

Now no one wants to miss out on all the end-of-year fun and stay on a strict diet or avoid the pleasure of good food!

Here are some tips on taking that extra little care of your teeth during the holiday period:

  1. Brush more frequently- between meals! As the amount of sticky and chewy food we consume increases around this time of the year, so should the amount of times you give your teeth a clean!
  2. Stick to a cleaning routine. It can be easy to get side tracked when you’re running around busy and occupied trying to fit inn all the fun, however, having a strict schedule of brushing teeth twice a day, with flossing and after-meals freshen ups, will make all the difference in the long run!
  3. Drink wisely! Moderate the amount of sugary and carbonated drinks you consume, and opt for a straw to minimise the chances of the liquid getting in contact with your teeth.
  4. Keep yourself hydrated. Drinks heaps of water, which will not only keep your body in healthy condition, but also help clear up sugar residue, food particles and other foreign elements in your mouth in between brushes.

  5. Have a reliable dentist who you can fall back on!
    At Innovative Dental, we are professional, qualified and reliable with a passion to assist with all your oral and dental needs! Especially during the holiday season, we promote good hygiene, but we also understand that sometimes we all slack off – which is totally okay, and

Which is why Innovative Dental are here to support you.

With a mission to provide exceptional dental care to our patients while making a positive impact in our community, Innovative dental has solidified its spot as one of Melbourne’s most trusted general dentists.   

With the skilful practice and continued innovation of Dr Naser Eshak and his dedicated team, plus our commitment to using only the latest dental technology, we’re confident in offering everything from the most routine check-ups to the most complex emergency dental consultations.  


So, this holiday season, enjoy your time with loved ones, delve into amazing food and treat yourself! You deserve it. Take care of your oral hygiene and refer to us, Innovative Dental for any help, we’ll be right here to assist you with any of your dental needs and enquiries.

Stay updated and informed with dental tips and tricks, advice and knowledge of how to best take care of your teeth over at our Innovative Dental blog.

For enquiries, bookings and information call us at (03) 9346 8333 or visit us on our website at

The Innovative Dental team wish you a happy, safe and healthy holiday season!

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