Orthodontic Treatment Ascot Vale

What is orthodontics?

At Innovative Dental we are committed to helping you get the right dental treatment for you. Orthodontics is a specialised field of dentistry that helps to improve you misaligned teeth and bite. Not only is this pleasing for aesthetic purposes, but straight teeth are also important for functionality. Aligned teeth and bite can help minimise the threat of easily preventable dental issues such as gum disease and tooth decay.

Innovative Dental is one of the leading orthodontics dental clinics in Ascot Vale, and our professional and effective approach to orthodontics will ensure you a happier and healthier smile in no time. Our team has more than 30+ years’ experience combined, so you can know that you’re in safe hands.

Is orthodontics for me?

There are more options for orthodontics than the traditional braces, in fact, dental technology has moved forward considerably, so there are many different treatment options on available to you. We now offer treatment options such as clear aligners, also known as ‘invisible braces’. A simple consultation with us helps us determine the right course of treatment for you. No matter which treatment path you decide to choose, we guarantee excellent results through our orthodontics treatments.

Clear aligners are similar to braces, but instead, are made out of transparent materials that sit almost invisible inside the mouth. The hard plastic applies pressure on to the teeth to help them move into their correct placement over time.

Clear aligners are an effective and easy way to get the smile you deserve. Aligners, coupled with proper dental hygiene and care, will guarantee to leave you smiling long after you’ve left our practice.

Get in touch with us at Innovative Dental and let’s get started on your smile journey together.