Orthodontic Dentistry

At Innovative Dental Moonee Ponds, we’ve built our seventeen-year practice on a dedication to skilful, caring, and holistic dentistry. With this commitment in mind, we’re proud to offer a variety of proactive orthodontic options to help you create your dream smile.

Many dental issues such as misaligned teeth, crowding, and bite problems can be fixed without traditional braces. Realigning teeth has more than just aesthetic benefits – straight teeth minimise the likelihood of tooth decay and infection, and also improve your bite, allowing you to bite and chew normally. 

Our Principal Dentist, Dr. Naser Eshak, has a particular passion for restoring smiles through a non-invasive, proactive approach to orthodontic dentistry. With the help of a variety of clear aligner options, we’re able to ensure both children and adults can benefit from beautiful, straight teeth.

Clear Aligners

Clear aligners are an increasingly popular orthodontic solution, and one that we’re proud to offer at Innovative Dental. Clear aligners are sometimes referred to as ‘invisible braces’, owning to their discreet appearance.

Clear aligners are modern and subtle in appearance, made of transparent material and designed to perfectly fit your teeth.

The way clear aligners work is simple and intuitive. They gently place small amounts of pressure on your teeth, which is then transferred to your jaw for permanent realignment and straightening across your whole mouth. As your teeth straighten, this further improves overall dental health, making it easier for you to prevent decay and damage through your regular brushing and flossing routine.

At Innovative Dental, we offer a range of clear aligners as part of your customised dental plan for straighter, healthier teeth.

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