Porcelain Keilor

It’s easy to get the smile of your dreams, enter, porcelain veneers. Veneers are a popular and common choice when it comes to cosmetic dentistry. 

We use the best ultra-thin ceramic porcelain veneers in Keilor. The porcelain bonds to your natural teeth to help improve your smile instantaneously. This procedure ensures the structure and integrity of your teeth is not lost.

Porcelain Veneers can help fix a range of minor dental issues, which includes:

  • To help change the look of your teeth and smile by masking small aesthetic problems like cracks and small gaps between teeth.
  • To help brighten your smile
  • To help straighten your teeth

Here at Innovative Dental Keilor, we will help you to get the smile you deserve. Our team is proficient and professional in the latest procedures and technology, and we can combine treatments to help get you a healthier smile.  Porcelain veneers in Keilor start with a procedure prep, which involves shaving the tiniest amount of enamel off the tooth to help bond the veneers to your natural teeth.

The results are immediate. Your smile will be improved right away, and you will be showing off that new smile as soon as you leave. 

Anyone can be suitable to get veneers, we will first just need to schedule a consultation to check the health of your teeth. Veneers are designed to last a long time and with proper dental care hygiene, they will last the distance and look amazing doing so.