Restoring Your Smile

Whenever we meet someone new we usually greet them with a friendly smile as this is an important way we communicate with others. But what happens if you don’t like the way your teeth look, and don’t feel confident enough to return that first greeting? Unfortunately all too often people who don’t smile at others are perceived as being cold or stand-offish, even when the opposite may be true, and modern dental techniques are now so advanced there really is no need to put up with less than attractive teeth.

The Smile Restoration Treatment You May Need

We can restore your smile, and have helped many patients who may have damaged or lost teeth due to trauma or disease, or who had been unable to visit a dentist for quite some time. After a complete examination, our dentist can provide you with a customised treatment plan, outlining all the recommended treatment options, as well as the costs and time involved. We’ll explain everything in clear and easy-to understand terminology, as patient education is very important to us. We believe this is the best way for you to make an informed decision about your dental health.

Once your smile is restored then maintenance is simple and straightforward through following a preventative dental plan. We’ll provide you with all the information necessary to look after your teeth at home, including information on diet and oral hygiene. Regular check-ups enable us to detect small problems before they cause any symptoms, and of course at this stage they are cheaper and quicker to treat.

The Innovative Dental Edge

If you want to restore your smile, choose a practice with years of experience, advanced equipment and staff that are committed to achieving the best results for you.

At Innovative Dental, we utilize the latest technology to gain an in-depth understanding of your oral health. To book your appointment today, contact us on (03) 9346 8333 or click here to make an online booking.

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