Endodontics Ascot Vale

If an infected tooth persists and you leave it too long you may need to have a Root Canal Treatment.

What is a Root Canal Treatment?

A Root Canal Treatment is an Endodontic procedure. Endodontics is a branch of dentistry that deals with the root, nerves, dental ‘pulp’ and surrounding tissue of the tooth. At Innovative Dental, we are trained in the latest root canal services and can ensure the highest level of professionalism.

Inside the tooth is soft tissue, also known as the ‘pulp’ of the tooth. When a tooth infection is left too long, the pulp can become infected or diseased and may need to be removed to save the tooth.

Anyone can get an infection in their tooth from lifestyle factors or unhygienic practices. Our clinic provides root canal services in Ascot Vale, and our devoted team has a combined 30+ years’ experience. We ensure that our patients’ comfort and safety is top priority, and our friendly and efficient team will make sure that the procedure is as easy as possible for you.

A root canal is a small procedure and is very straightforward, it’s not too dissimilar to a filling. The tooth will be numbed for the procedure while the pulp gets cleaned out. A tooth cannot survive without the pulp inside it, so it will be filled or covered with a crown. This treatment provides instant pain relief and leaves you with your natural looking smile. 

What are the symptoms of a tooth infection?

These can include pain when you bite or chew, and/or redness and swelling of the gums around the infected site. Other symptoms include persistent bad breath and a bad taste in your mouth.

To determine whether a Root Canal is needed, first a consultation will need to be scheduled. During this consultation, we will decide the best treatment course for you.