Dental nightguards, also called occlusal splints, are designed to protect teeth, crowns, and implants from night-time grinding and clenching. As part of our commitment to overall dental health and wellness here at Innovative Dental, we’re proud to supply custom-fitting nightguards for those who experience bruxism or other dental health concerns.

What is bruxism?

Clenching or grinding of the teeth, known as bruxism, is an unconscious habit that usually takes place during sleep. If untreated, this can cause extensive damage to teeth, gums, and jaw joints.

Symptoms include increased sensitivity due worn and chipped teeth, and sufferers can also experience a very sore jaw or persistent headache. If you think you may have bruxism, it is important to get a proper diagnosis so your dentist can help you minimise any damage.

How can a nightguard help with bruxism?

Nobody knows what causes bruxism, although it may be related to stress. Fortunately, treatment is straightforward and non-invasive, focussing on preventing your teeth from coming into contact while you sleep.

At Innovative Dental, we can provide you with a comfortable custom nightguard to help protect your teeth, gums, jaw and overall dental health. Our nightguards are made from thermoplastic material and fit comfortably over your upper teeth.

Some people may need to wear the nightguard for only a short time to help break the habit, while others may need one long-term. Dr. Naser Eshak at Innovative Dental will carefully assess the condition of your teeth through regular appointments and help you develop a plan to reduce the impacts of bruxism on your dental health.


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