Teeth Bleaching Essendon

Your smile is your best feature, show it off!

at is the difference between teeth bleaching and teeth whitening?

They are the exact same thing! Teeth whitening is the overall term for teeth bleaching, but they are essentially the same thing. Both aim to bring the brightness back to your smile.Wh

Here at Innovative Dental, we aim to provide the best teeth whitening services in Essendon and the surrounding suburbs. We understand that tooth discolouration can happen to anyone. A range of lifestyle factors can fade the brightness of your teeth over time. Lucky for you, we offer two teeth whitening services to help bring that sparkle back to your smile.

At Innovative Dental we provide two different teeth whitening services.

The first is Zoom Teeth Whitening. This is the latest cosmetic machine that will give you a brighter and whiter smile, fast. It’s an easy, non-invasive procedure and is one of the most affordable ways to whiten your smile and guarantee results quickly. Zoom Teeth Whitening is quick and painless. During your consultation, we will discuss the results that you want and will work together with you to achieve your desired look. Zoom Teeth Whitening will happen at our clinic, and usually takes an about an hour for the full treatment.

The second option for teeth whitening services is a take home kit. It is easy to use and can get you really great results from the comfort of your own home. Easy!

Innovative Dental Essendon prides itself on its client satisfaction. We want you to have the most comfortable experience with your teeth whitening in Essendon. Our friendly and accommodating team values your smile as much as you do.  

Call us today to have a chat about your options and we can book you in for an appointment.