10 Interesting Facts About Teeth

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10 Interesting Facts About Teeth
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Peace and calm can be hard to come by in todays’ fast paced and always busy world. It can be nearly impossible to enjoy a few minutes of peace and calm without being the target of some advertising campaign or other.

At Innovative Dental we would like to offer up this small diversion – a short collection of dental myths that some people continue to believe, even today. We hope you enjoy it.

Some of the myths that revolve around how to cure a toothache can be quite entertaining.

  • An example of a not-so-funny myth is that placing an aspirin on a sore tooth is better than swallowing the aspirin. Aspirin (acetylsalicylic acid) can cause swelling in soft tissues and complicate dental issues.
  • One of the strangest myths is from the middle ages and includes a candle made of sheep suet. “Take a candle of sheep’ suet, some eringo seed being mixed therewith, and burn it as near the tooth as possible, some cold water being held under the candle.
  • Lastly, there is a myth that chewing cloves will cure a toothache. This myth is actually partly based in fact. Cloves do contain eugenol, a chemical that can cleanse and numb an area, so they can offer temporary relief from a toothache. The problem is that the real problem still remains. The source of the problem can be fixed at your local Innovative Dental.

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