Dental Resolutions For 2017 That Will Leave You Smiling

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Dental Resolutions For 2017 That Will Leave You Smiling
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With 2016 behind us, it is time to consider our New Year’s resolutions for 2017. Like many people, your resolutions may include leading a healthier lifestyle in the New Year.

But have you considered your dental health as a critical part of your healthier lifestyle? Good dental health practices promote healthy teeth, gums and a beautiful smile, but they also contribute to your overall health. As a bonus, dental health resolutions are among the easiest resolutions to make and keep.

At Innovative Dental, we are happy to provide some dental health resolutions to consider for the New Year.

Getting the New Year off to a Good Dental Start

Visit your Dentist Regularly

This is one of the most important simple steps you can take towards dental health. Visits to your dentist keep your teeth clean, keep your gums healthy, and can help ward off dental disease and damage.

At Innovative Dental we are happy to take reservations well in advance, so give us a call to make sure that you can get your two annual visits scheduled. We will help you keep a clean, healthy, and attractive smile!

Stop tobacco use

Tobacco stains your teeth and harms your gums – Its use can also lead to cancer. Discontinue cigarette smoking and smokeless tobacco to improve overall health.

Consider free online programs, progress apps, and support from groups to assist with saying no tobacco. If you know someone who does use tobacco, support them in any efforts they make to quit.

Brush and floss regularly

This is by far the simplest resolution to make, and it has some of the greatest payoff. Make sure your toothbrush and toothpaste are easily visible and accessible and that your toothbrush is new.

Brush twice a day, for at least two minutes each, and floss each evening. Make sure that your flossing and brushing techniques are good by demonstrating them to your Moonee Ponds dentist or hygienist.

Eat mouth-healthy food

A bad diet can cause tooth decay and gum disease. Foods high in carbohydrates, sugars and starches contribute to the production of plaque acids that attack tooth enamel.

Eventually these acids can cause tooth enamel to break down, forming a cavity. By eating high-fibre, low-sugar, and healthy foods, you can improve your general and dental health.

Get better looking teeth

Your smile is often your first impression. There are several ways to improve your smile including teeth whitening. If your smile is getting a bit dull, consider in-office laser teeth lightening.

Take the opportunity of the New Year to fix any teeth that are damaged, by completing recommended dental work. Fillings, crowns and dental implants can restore tooth structure and alignment, as well as make your smile more attractive. Make the New Year a good one for your teeth!

Excellent Dental Care for the New Year at Innovative Dental

At Innovative Dental, we are resolved to help improve our client’s dental health for the New Year and beyond. Visit us at our convenient Moonee Ponds location and start the New Year right!We are close to transport and free street parking is available.

Call us on (03) 9346 8333 or book your appointment online today.

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